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Hello, and welcome to Alternative Wedding Services! First, let us say congratulations on your engagement!

As the name implies, Alternative Wedding Services specializes in customized wedding ceremonies that reflect your personal style and values. In other words, Your Wedding, Your Way.

As Non-denominational Interfaith Ministers located in the Dallas and North Texas area, we are dedicated to making your wedding ceremony unique, intimate and memorable, whether you opt for traditional elements or want to completely reinvent it!

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~~~ Tell Me More ~~~

Your first question is probably, "What do you mean by 'alternative' wedding services?"

It's really quite simple; if you're not getting married in a church, then you're looking for alternatives...or more specifically, you're looking for someone to officiate your wedding ceremony. Maybe it's because you yourselves are alternative or non-traditional and getting married in a church simply isn't a consideration. Or maybe you are very traditional but simply don't wish to have your wedding in a church or don't belong to one. Either way, you've no doubt already found that the pool of truly experienced wedding officiants is rather limited.

Alternative Wedding Services was created specifically for those of you who have chosen to have your wedding ceremony in a location other than a house of worship. Our entire purpose is to give couples like YOU an alternative. In addition, we provide more personalization, more customization and more flexibility to ensure you have exactly the wedding ceremony that you want, regardless of the setting.

~ ~ ~ Need Examples? ~ ~ ~

To break it down even a little further, over the years, we have found that couples basically belong to one of two different categories with reference to needing alternative or non-traditional wedding services.

Red Diamond The first category* consists of those couples who look at the bride's magazines and etiquette books and think, "That's not really us." These couples are usually looking for a wedding ceremony that:
  • is more personalized, and in many cases, is less cookie-cutter than most modern weddings;

  • includes only those elements, readings, music, etc, that are meaningful to them and doesn't include anything they do not feel reflects their personalities or beliefs;

  • doesn't insist that they stand a particular way (e.g., with their backs to their guest), enter a certain way or that their guests sit a particular way (e.g., bride's family on one side; groom's family on the other); and doesn't dictate that there can only be men in the groom's party and women in the bride's party;

  • allows them to dress the way they feel is most representative of their life and love (i.e., do not feel pressured to wear the traditional white gown and black tux);

  • probably does not include the father "giving" the bride away; but more likely includes the couple coming with their families' blessing;

  • can take place anywhere (within reason and legal boundaries) such as out-of-doors, at a Victorian B&B or on a mystery train;

  • may be a theme wedding, such as a Renaissance or Western wedding; (or for the more daring, a Star Wars or Pirate wedding!)

  • is spiritual without necessarily being religious; is humanist; is non-denominational; or is civil.

Red Diamond The second category* consists of couples who might want a more traditional wedding, but may themselves be considered alternative or non-traditional. Often, these couples do not belong to a community church or house of worship, or because of policy, are not allowed to hold their wedding there. Couples in this category could include:

Native American Wedding
  • couples from two different faiths (i.e., religions) or cultures, (for example: one partner may be Catholic and the other Jewish, or one may be Hispanic and the other African-American, etc.);

  • couples from alternative faiths or lifestyles (e.g., pagans, same-sex couples, etc.);

  • couples wanting an engagement ceremony or commitment ceremony without a signed marriage license;

  • second weddings for one or both partners. May or may not include children from previous marriages.

*All of the above are simply examples from weddings we have performed in the past and do not represent the entire array of possibilities. Also, you may be looking for alternative wedding services for other reasons not listed.

~ ~ ~ Need Options? ~ ~ ~

Until recently, couples like you looking for alternative or non-traditional wedding services have had few choices. You could just use the same old standard wedding format you were hoping to avoid; you could get married at the Justice of the Peace or at city hall with very few family and friends present and a brief civil ceremony; or you could stand in your back yard and speak the words to each other without the significance, enjoyment, or "feel" of an official wedding ceremony.

"Well great!" you're saying...."So now what? Do we settle for something we don't really want?"

To which we reply...



The thing to remember is that most states have very few legal requirements as to what has to be included in a wedding ceremony. Everything else is "tradition." This means that, other than those few legal requirements, you can structure the ceremony in virtually any way that you desire.

In addition, here at Alternative Wedding Services, we welcome couples who would like to combine different cultures or religions as well as those from alternative lifestyles!

So whatever it is that makes you stand out from the rest, there's only one place to go for the wedding ceremony of your dreams:

Alternative Wedding Services!

Remember, whether you want a more formal or traditional celebration or you want to throw the book out the window, we will personally support you in creating a lovely and meaningful ceremony, just the way you want it and in the setting of your choice.

~ ~ ~ Types of Ceremonies ~ ~ ~

AWS specializes in the following types of ceremonies:

Garden Wedding
  • Handfastings*
  • Engagement Ceremonies
  • Multi-cultural and Inter-racial Weddings
  • Non or Interdenominational/Interfaith Weddings
  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • LGBT Marriages
  • Medieval/Renaissance Weddings
  • Other Theme Weddings
  • Vow Renewals
  • Elopements

*Handfastings can be a legal ceremony or spiritual only.

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