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Rev. Arianna Gray, D.D.

Rev. Arianna Gray performing a ceremony

Hello! My name is Rev. Arianna Gray and I am the founder and President of Alternative Wedding Services. I am so pleased that you stopped by our website.

To give you a little relevant background, I'm a legally ordained interfaith minister who has been performing customized and personalized wedding ceremonies for the past 18 years. I became a wedding officiant for a variety of reasons including my love of ritual (and subsequent studies into the importance of it in the celebration of life's passages), my desire to give couples more options when it came to their wedding ceremony, and my knowledge and expertise in world religions and cultural traditions.

On the more mundane side, I have a BS in Education as well as a Doctor of Divinity and have worked in the fields of teaching, training, technical and creative writing, project management and space planning, to name a few. I have published articles on the web, for professional groups and in Premier Bride magazine (Jan 08) and regularly lead seminars and workshops on various topics. I feel fortunate that my varied background and intense curiosity have led me to this place in my life. And the benefit for my couples? They experience a special, unique and personally meaningful wedding ceremony performed by an award-winning, highly sought after wedding officiant.

Because of my training as an interfaith minister with the Alliance of Divine Love (we are not a denomination of a particular faith, but true interfaith ministers), I feel I am uniquely qualified to create and perform ceremonies that are authentic and have real substance for those couples who are combining two different faiths and/or cultures, or are not from the mainstream faith or culture. The interesting side effect of my training and research is that I tend to bring a new perspective to very traditional couples who are from the same or the mainstream faith and/or culture. These couples often find new elements to incorporate into their ceremonies that give them a fresh and more contemporary feel while still maintaining those traditional components that are important to them.

Rev. Khrymsun Parker, D.D.

Rev. Khrymsun Parker

Hello! My name is Rev. Khrymsun Parker and I am an ordained minister and wedding officiant. With my varied background and diverse life experiences, I feel I bring a truly unique perspective to every wedding I officiate. My deeply held spiritual beliefs and chosen path are inclusive and accepting of all others, and this is reflected in the way in which I work with each couple. My goal is to provide you the wedding you've always wanted, with a ceremony to reflect who you are and what you believe.

I know this is the day your dreams come true, and so it is YOUR wishes that guide me in helping you create the perfect ceremony for this perfect event. Even on short notice your wedding ceremony will be the joyous occasion you will remember for a lifetime.

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