Description of Services

The following items are included in the basic package price. (Click on any of the items below to find out more information.)

1. Initial consultation. During the initial consultation, which will last approximately one to one and a half hours, we will talk with you (the couple) about your reasons for wanting to be married, your general thoughts and feelings about marriage, spiritual beliefs (as they relate to the wedding/marriage), cultural/ethnic heritage (again, with reference to possible inclusion in the ceremony), potential themes, etc... and answer any questions you may have. This item/service is not an optional one. We require at least one meeting with the couple prior to performing the ceremony.

Note: If by the end of the consultation meeting, you are certain you would like us to officiate at your wedding/handfasting, please be sure that you actually state this. We have occasionally assisted with the design of the ceremony and/or theme but not performed the ceremony. The two are not mutually exclusive. Whether you are "booking" one of us as officiant or simply hiring us to help design your wedding or handfasting, a $100 deposit will be required at that point to retain our services and/or to "hold" the date of your event. This deposit is non-refundable.

There is no requirement to book/hire us at the end of the consultation meeting. It is perfectly acceptable to think about your decision, interview other Officiants, discuss the matter with family, etc, and then contact us at a later date. Please realize, however, that your date will not be reserved until the deposit is received.

2. Assistance with designing any or all of the ceremony, including writing your own vows, and with the basic structure (order) of the ceremony. We have done extensive research and have considerable information in the area of timelines, schedules, checklists, tips, customs and traditions associated with weddings and handfastings from around the world.

With our considerable knowledge and experience, we will go over the "typical" scheduling, structure (order) and/or timeline of a wedding, as well as offer suggestions on possible elements that could be included in your ceremony such as a unity element, readings, poems, or cultural and/or faith elements. As stated in the heading, we can compose the entire ceremony or work hand in hand with you as you write your own ceremony.

In addition, many couples prefer to write their own vows, even if the Officiant is designing the remainder of the ceremony. However, many couples find it difficult to put their feelings into words or to find the "right" words. Some simply need a nudge to get them started. Either way, we can provide you with some examples and ideas to assist you in choosing just the right words to express your love.

This item also covers basic "ritual" construction for those who wish to have a more traditional neo-pagan ceremony.

3. Review of movements/actions. Your Officiant will usually arrive 30-45 minutes before the actual ceremony and do a quick run through of any movements or actions with the wedding party (and parents if appropriate). This option does not allow time for anything to be changed should you realize you do not care for something in the ceremony. This option only allows for a brief review of the movements and order of the ceremony. This item is included in the basic price package at no additional charge.

For a rehearsal on a day other than the wedding day or a longer rehearsal earlier on the day of the wedding, click here.

4. Performance of the ceremony. To restate; your Officiant will usually arrive 30-45 minutes before the ceremony to do a run through with the wedding party. If no run through is required, he/she will arrive at a time agreed upon during the initial consultation. This is the only other item/service that is not optional. :-P

Please realize that the fee for the ceremony includes any arrival time agreed upon in advance plus 1 and a half hours from the official "start time" of the ceremony. If the ceremony begins later than expected and goes over 1 hour from the officially stated start time, there will be an additional fee of $60 an hour charged in 15 minute increments.

5. Written copy of the ceremony. You will receive the typed copy of your full ceremony that your Officiant will use during the ceremony as a remembrance of your special day. This item is included in the basic price package at no additional charge.

6. Keepsake certificate. These will vary depending on the type of ceremony. This item is included in the basic price package at no additional charge.

7. Travel. The basic package price includes travel within a 45 mile radius from your Officiant's location. This will vary depending on who is performing your ceremony. Distances beyond a 45 mile radius will be assessed at a rate of $.57.5/mile (the current IRS mileage) and $60/hour drive time charged in 15 minute increments.

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NOTE: All account balances are due before the ceremony at least 3 days prior to your ceremony via the PayPal link on our website. Again, this allows you to relax and enjoy your day without having to "remember" where the envelope/check is, where your Officiant is, or hoping that the best man took care of the payment. (No offense to Best Men everywhere.)

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